Work Experience, Community Service, Careers

Work Experience – Year 10

Our Year 10 students participate in work experience for a week as part of their school year.  They go to work at a real job with real people, and experience a slice of real life.  It’s invaluable to ‘jump the counter’ and experience life as a check out chick, or a golf course designer, or a veterinary nurse.  There is no substitute for direct experience.  

So, the aim of our work experience program is to introduce students to the world of employment – with its attendant joys and frustrations – all within the framework of the school experience.

Work experience allows the students to grow in a number of ways (not just up!)  They gain the opportunity to understand the work environment, along with an increased level of awareness and self confidence in stepping outside of their personal comfort zone.  Interaction with different personalities and adapting to unfamiliar situations are all part of this growth experience.

Community Service – Year 10

Year ten is the perfect time to introduce community service to our students.  Service in their community speaks to the essential being of the young adolescent.  At this age when the inner elements of thinking, feeling and willing seem to be developing quite separately from each other (causing great confusion and vulnerability), community service leads young people out to engage in their world.  It mobilizes their emerging sense of idealism and compassion. 

Community service meets the deep need of young people to be recognized and valued, while at the same time playing the reciprocal role of encouraging an appreciation of the value of others.

This work may take the form of interactions with the elderly or disabled, with community tree planting or revegatation work, with neighbourhood projects or assisting the disadvantaged or people who are vulnerable or at risk.  The possible venues are many and will be determined in part by the student’s own wishes, and in part by the current relevant areas of need.

At all times the well-being and safety of our students are of the highest consideration.

Careers – Years 10 – 12

Individual help and advice is made available to all students in the form of careers counselling.  Information is consistently displayed and fortnightly bulletins are issued, keeping students up to date with developments in the tertiary sector.

Information is given on the nature of VCE, apprenticeships and traineeships as it is made available to the school.

Individual counselling is given to year 12 students at any time during the year, but particularly in term 3.  All students receive subject choice counselling, advice and information at the end or the school year, or as needed.

In all our interactions we seek to convey realistic information and to advise with warmth and optimism, offering students clarity and wisdom to assist their decision making.